It’s Better to Be Lucky than Good – Episode 1

I’m not going to win any handyman-of-the-year awards, but I am reasonably competent about do-it-yourself tasks. I think a lot of DIY folks are keenly interested in how things work. They’re either professional or amateur engineers, and their endless curiosity helps them really understand the world around them. Not me. I’m totally comfortable not understanding

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Furnace: Friend or Foe?

The 21st century has seen some amazing advancements for us humans. Some of the really annoying activities we used to be burdened with (e.g., talking to other people, walking) are no longer necessary in our remarkable modern world. But we’re still positively primitive when it comes to heating our homes. Most home heaters involve some

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The Key to DIY Repairs

While my DIY adventures will always be modest compared to the super handyman, I am notching up victories on a more regular basis nowadays. The key hasn’t been expanding my capabilities or my toolkit. I haven’t picked up a trade or started correspondence coursework in engineering. I’ve simply just started taking the time to investigate

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\”I Have A Guy\”

When the joys of home ownership have you down and you need some expert help, the most wonderful words a trusted neighbor can say are, “I have a guy.” While I’m all for do-it-yourself projects and continue to expand my skills, I still have my limits. They include: Anything involving a blowtorch Plumbing projects with

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