ABL on Tour: Adventures in Plumbing

\"\"I know you’ve arrived for your weekly dose of my wit and wisdom, but today I have a special treat for you. I’m sure the loyal ABL reader fancies my writing but is always a bit depressed by the scene. “Are you ever going to get a real logo?” (maybe) “Why are your archives as empty as a Soviet-era grocery shelf?” (I’m pacing myself) “Did this WordPress theme come with a free bowl of soup?” (yes)

Well, today is your lucky day: you get to enjoy my musings on a big-boy blog. I’m guest posting on Mr. Tako Escapes to share more joys of home ownership. Go check it out to see my most recent adventure in plumbing.

Mr. Tako and I have a good bit in common – we’re both fathers of two boys, we both appear to have escaped the clutches of the Man, and we’re both writing primarily to pass on some lessons to our kids (you guys are just along for the ride).

Mr. Tako is a great writer, and I think you’ll find him both amusing and informative. He’s also 3 to 5 times as prolific as I, which means you could lose yourself for days in his archives.

While you’re over at Mr. Tako’s, you should sample his wares. Some of my favorites include:


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