Thanksgiving = Giving Thanks


I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving!

This holiday seems to have evolved a bit from its original “let’s be thankful we’re actually alive and are still (narrowly) avoiding starvation”. Now we eat a week’s worth of food in a meal, start drinking from noon, watch a non-stop football extravaganza, and prepare to spend a boatload of money on stuff we don’t need tomorrow. It’s more an epicurean festival than a time of thankfulness and gratitude. I’m not complaining, because it’s one of my favorite holidays, but it is good every so often to remember how this all started.

So I’d like to go old school for a moment and thank you for being a reader. Penning a blog is a rather humbling experience. I’ve discovered that writing is hard, writing well (if you could say I’ve trifled with that) is even harder, and self-doubt is riding shotgun with you the whole way. Countering that is the fact that some folks, with limited time and lots of other stuff they could be doing, continue to stop by and check things out.

The time you have invested in reading, and the fact that you keep coming back for more, is incredibly encouraging. Thank you.

So to everyone – not just my American readers, but also my international ones (hi Al!) – I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I’m very grateful you’re here.


Picture courtesy of M. Skeeze

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