Summer Endeth, the Blog Resumeth


Please pardon me – I stepped away for a mere moment. I know, however, you were in excellent company.

Like the host of a Parisian salon in days of old, I brought together in you, my readers, guests of impeccable taste, razor-sharp wit, and brilliant insight. By introducing so many wide and varied topics of interest – purportedly relating to personal finance, but actually close to the core of life itself – I provided the spark to light a bonfire of enlightened discourse among you.

Loath to dominate the discussion, and happy, as host, to step away and leave the path of academic exploration unbounded, I left you for a brief time. In each other’s company, I know that you have intrigued, inspired, enraged, engrossed, and enraptured one another and built a bond of brotherhood borne of mutual intellectual admiration.

As I return, I must admit a certain degree of nervous anticipation as I prepare to peruse all of the comments you have shared in my absence. Surely debates worthy of the classical masters have unfolded!

[reviews comments, sadly sighs]

Ummmm…guys? There hasn’t been a single comment, witty or otherwise, made since I left. My Parisian salon is covered in cobwebs, and I even saw a dead rat.

I think – and I’m just spitballin’ here – that maybe I should have kept writing this summer. Noted!


In any event, I hope everyone has had a great summer. We’ve had a wonderful one, which hopefully helps explain the absence of posts.

We’ve taken trips to Japan, Chicago, and Lake Tawakoni (small risk of confusing those memories). I even included a picture of a new friend we made.

As a major personal finance update, we have paid our last daycare invoice ever. Boom! We pulled our youngest out at the beginning of July, and he has just started Kindergarten. The time with him this summer was awesome, and the cash flow improvement was a neat little bonus.

The time away has been good for my creativity, and I’m just bursting with ideas for new posts. For those of you desperately worried that the show was over, take heart! Rest assured I am back and will resume my writing at my normal breakneck torrid moderate languid pace.

So welcome back, my cherished reader – a Paris salon this is not, but I’ll restock the Cheetos and Keystone Light and we’ll get this thing humming again.



2 thoughts on “Summer Endeth, the Blog Resumeth”

    1. Rock on! Congratulations.

      Glass half full = calculating how much money you’re going to save going forward.

      Glass half empty = calculating how much total money you’ve spent on daycare…

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