2021 Stock Picking Contest: Final Results


We have a winner! The ABL 2021 Stock Picking Contest has finished, and DaMaaster aka Moneymaaster aka Jordan Maas cruised to victory after a dominating first half start. We had a couple of acquisitions and conversions during the year, but I’m pretty sure I calculated everything right, and I’m almost pretty sure the world will keep spinning even if I got something a little wrong.

Let’s see how everyone did:


Many thanks to Odysseus for setting up the tracking spreadsheet and providing an entry that did worse than my own. For the curious, I\’m planning on holding on to my Carnival shares to see if this COVID thing works itself out one of these days.

Congratulations to Jordan for figuring out that forest products is where the action is.

And of course thanks to everyone who played. 

Will there be a 2022 contest? That all depends on you. I’ll go ahead and make my entry below – if you’re interested, see the rules below and please provide a single stock you own in the comments. I have a feeling 2022 may be a wild one for investors, and I’m sure whatever I mock most is going to once again have the best return.

2021 was a great year for my family and me, but it was a woefully unproductive year for blogging. I’ll try to change that this year, but no promises!

A very Happy New Year to everyone.

2022 Stock Picking Contest Rules

  • Pick a single stock that you already own (long positions only) that you think will beat all others in 2022 – tell me the ticker in a comment below, and if you’re doing something exotic like a foreign exchange, make sure that’s clear
  • Return (dividends included, but not reinvested) will be calculated from the close of the day you make the comment to December 31, 2022
  • All entries must be made by January 15, 2022

12 thoughts on “2021 Stock Picking Contest: Final Results”

  1. LOL – even though I got my a$$ kicked I’m going to stick with my GDNP pick for 2022.

    I have faith!!!

    I’m a former WEF investor – many congratulations to Jordan!

    1. You’re locked in for .77 CAD. And if it looked good at .85 last year, it’s a steal at .77!

      Good luck, sir.

  2. Hi Paul, Happy New Year!

    It was my pleasure to help 🙂

    For this year, based on the historical negative correlation Contest x IRL return, I’ll choose EXR (Extra Space Storage). ~100% over the last year for a REIT looks too much for me.

    Hope to see you posting more often.

    All the best.


    1. Thanks again and Happy New Year!

      You’re locked at 221.59. EXR is a REIT I didn’t know, and it’s a business model of which I wholly disapprove (at least on a personal level). It feels like all of its customers are one self-help book away from never needing a storage unit again. So I’m going to declare this is likely the favorite for the 2022 contest 🙂

  3. For my pick, I’m going to keep things simple and go with a relatively boring stock: 3M Company (MMM). It’s mine for 180.23. Maybe I’ll even have a positive return this year…

  4. This year I could choose a few different stocks I own (that I think are fairly valued – Newflyer, Transcontinental, Intertape Polymer Group all come to mind) but instead – I am going to go for one that may not be undervalued yet – but has a few catalysts, and should have its first full profitable year…….my pick is GREENLANE RENEWABLES $GRN

    Good luck to all.

    1. You’re locked at a cool CAD1.25 per Wednesday’s close – and apologies for the delay in approving / responding – the IT department here is rubbish 🙂

      And thanks for not just one but many ideas to help expand my universe!

  5. Hi Paul.

    I would like to enter the contest with COIN (coinbase global).

    I am normally an Index investor but have been dipping my toes in individual stocks and bought some of this.

    Good luck to everyone!

  6. And today Nelson committed to AQN. I’ll assume he meant the Toronto listed shares, so he’s locked in at CAD 17.55.

  7. Wow, this contest certainly humbled me! I just am thankful we are using play money instead of real money! I’m aware I’m past the deadline, but if you need extra contestants, I’d go with NYSE: BABA. Thank you for putting together the contest each year!

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