Debt Is a Beast

Debt is the ultimate anti-asset. It’s kryptonite to any early retirement dreams you might have, and applied in large enough doses, it can keep you from ever escaping a paycheck to paycheck, income-based life. Everyone knows that debt is dreadful, but fully understanding how truly bad it is a 3 step process. 1. Debt is …

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Everyone is Asset-Based

What does the phrase “asset-based” mean to you? When applied to a person, it means someone with a huge pile of cash – someone who lives off his investments and doesn’t have to work. Feet up, umbrella drink on the beach, monitoring his portfolio. “Income-based”, on the other hand, means someone who has to work …

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Oh S***!

Have you ever had that heart-in-your-throat moment when talking to someone and you realize you completely missed the memo on something very important you’re supposed to do as a responsible adult? “What you do you mean… …you don’t have a will? …you’re not paying off your credit cards each month? …you don’t have an umbrella …

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