Personal Finance, Broadly Defined

This is a site about personal finance. I’ve heard they\’re a growing trend on the internet…

This is not a site that tells you to retire early, or retire late, or eat dog food to save money, or eat caviar to treat yourself. I’ll try to nudge you to my way of thinking, but ultimately folks will find their own way. I will try to give you tools to make your own path better, safer, and more rewarding, and if I can save you from even a single “Oh S***” moment, I’ll be happy.

We’ll do this by focusing on assets and examining financial decisions through that lens (e.g., you shouldn’t “save your paycheck”; you should turn your human capital – almost everyone’s greatest asset – into financial capital aka money).

Financial success can happen many different ways, but lasting success always traces back to the twin pillars of personal discipline and compound interest. We’ll explore both in all their forms.

Financial ruin can happen for pretty mundane reasons, like you have the financial discipline of a rabid monkey with your credit cards. But it can also come from shocks to a rickety personal balance sheet that attack your most valuable yet vulnerable assets. We’ll try to prevent that.

Ultimately money is just a means to an end. Money allows you to do many things, but you can’t eat it. It will never try to make you happy, or be your friend, or love you. Your family, your friends, and your time on this earth are far more precious assets, but somehow they are often lost when people start discussing personal finance. Including them in the conversation of an asset-based life will lead to better and more consistent decisions, and hopefully a happier life.