I guess you could say I\’ve been on a tear, media-wise. Here is a small sampling the complete list of my posts that have made it around the web:

Rockstar and Friends

My first post on Rockstar Finance…(\”Is One Year of Your Life Worth $25 Million?\”)

…and here\’s when that same exact post made it to Business Insider. (Under the official rules of the internet, that definitely counts as #2, though).

And here\’s my second post on Rockstar Finance (\”The Case for an Inheritance\”)

The hits just keep comin\’. Here\’s my third post on Rockstar Finance (\”The AK-47s of Finance\”)

Guest Posts

Clearly I\’m pacing myself with these, but the focus here at ABL has always been on quality over quantity, right? I managed to finagle my way onto the legendary Financial Uproar – check out where I make the case that college is overrated. (If you visit Nelson\’s site, you\’ll see a link back to ABL where he makes the counter argument – try not to get caught in an endless loop.)