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\"\"If you\’d like to contact me, I\’d love to hear from you.

Feel free to send an email to paul [at] assetbasedlife [dot] com.

And thanks as always for reading!


If you\’re going to suggest a guest post:

If you are an individual blogger (not part of some faceless corporate entity) and would like to pitch a guest post, I\’m open to listening. HOWEVER, a bland article (e.g., \”5 great money saving tips\”, \”10 reasons you NEED a budget\”, \”17 bad things about debt\”) is not going to happen. A highly personal touch / storytelling and humor are required. Ideally you\’d be funnier and/or a better storyteller than me (don\’t fret – it\’s not that high a bar) and cover a topic both relevant to my audience and complementary to my content.

If you\’re interested, please write me an email and we can discuss. The email should be personal to me (not part of your 1,000-person guest post fishing expedition), should contain links to definitive proof that you are either funny or a great storyteller, should identify your favorite color, and should provide a detailed outline (or more) of your post idea and why you think it\’d be relevant.

The best chance for a guest post will be from someone with whom I\’ve interacted online a good bit. Wow me with your interest in my site and with your witty comments to my own posts, and I\’ll be much more interested.

I\’ll definitely read any pitches (no need to \”check if you got my email\”) – if I don\’t respond, I am very thankful for the proposal, but this may not be the right time for us to collaborate.