Felix Dennis, R.I.P.

Late last month, we lost one of my most admired entrepreneurs. Felix Dennis, a billionaire publisher and ex-crack addict, passed at the age of 67. Felix Dennis was best known to me for his excellent book, How to Get Rich. Contrary to the suspicious sounding title, which seemed to hint at get-rich-quick schemes and a …

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Everyone is Asset-Based

What does the phrase “asset-based” mean to you? When applied to a person, it means someone with a huge pile of cash – someone who lives off his investments and doesn’t have to work. Feet up, umbrella drink on the beach, monitoring his portfolio. “Income-based”, on the other hand, means someone who has to work …

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Oh S***!

Have you ever had that heart-in-your-throat moment when talking to someone and you realize you completely missed the memo on something very important you’re supposed to do as a responsible adult? “What you do you mean… …you don’t have a will? …you’re not paying off your credit cards each month? …you don’t have an umbrella …

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